What we do

UTP Consulting helps deliver growth and performance using disruptive technologies and new business and operating models, to help companies manage the energy transition


Our work is based on a framework to align a business team around a clear understanding of a challenge or opportunity, through to sustaining the required business outcomes

There are four elements of the framework:


Opportunity Framing

We engage with you to understand the challenge or opportunity. This may include disruption in your market(s) from competitors or new entrants. You may be developing new products or services, exploiting new technologies to improve the way you interact with customers and suppliers, or looking to realise new value by developing and spinning-off new ideas within the business.

In Opportunity Framing we typically conduct a high-level diagnostic to quantity the current situation, and run an workshop with the affected senior team to share an understanding of the current situation, define an agreed challenge statement, and develop a shared aspiration of the result the team wishes to deliver.


Discovery and Design

Here we work jointly to outline what a solution looks like. We collect data from within and outside your business, outline the scope of enabling technologies, processes, skills and supply chains, and agree the search parameters for external enabling technologies, business and operating models from young venture companies.


Innovation Search and Pilot

We work closely with your team to start delivering the changes required, using and developing fresh, innovative thinking. We identify the young ventures that can either partner with you, or who have new technologies, business or operating model ideas that can help deliver your required results.

We work together with you and the selected young ventures to adapt and transfer innovative ideas and technologies into your business solution.

We use our extensive experience in the energy sector, and commercialising young ventures, to look for the early wins, using agile methods to rapidly delivery the wins.

Our work with teams often involves a powerful visioning and commitment process we have used over the years to help teams work more effectively.


Embed and Deliver

We support the team to ensure early wins are sustained and the building blocks are put in place to deliver the team’s aspiration. This includes delivery of scale-up and roll-out, helping the team evaluate and learn to ensure a repeatable innovation process.

This framework is tailored for your needs, starting at whichever point in the framework that is applicable for your situation