Prospering through the energy transition

We work with you to deliver growth and performance by using disruptive technologies and business model innovation to navigate the energy transition

Are you aiming to:

  • Develop new products and services?
  • Exploit new ways to interact with customers and suppliers?
  • Improve operational performance?
  • Realise value by developing and spinning-off new ideas?

You need to access disruptive technologies and new business models, coming from other sectors and young venture companies.

One of the most significant challenges is identifying and making use of the new thinking and new technologies.

Our focus is on helping you do just that


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About us

UTP Consulting was created in 2011 by Paul Arwas and David Whittle. With over 60 years of combined experience we bring:

  • Deep experience in the energy, clean tech, finance and telco sectors
  • Hands-on experience of commercialising young ventures
  • Track record of delivering growth and performance through technology and innovation


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A marriage made in heaven

A tie-up between a major corporate and a young tech start-up can be either a marriage made in heaven or a messy and acrimonious divorce waiting to happen. The Exult /BP tie-up is an extraordinary example of a marriage made in heaven. In the late 1990s BP, the third largest oil company in the world […]

Growth and breakthrough performance through innovation

Business confidence is apparently at the lowest level since 2012, due to concerns around Brexit in the UK, and further possible increases in global trade tariffs. So we need to find ways of digging deeper to deliver our performance targets. One powerful way to improve performance and accelerate growth is to make use of innovations […]

Even the most mature product can be innovated

While sitting on the beach on my summer holiday I was slapped in the face. Not by a wave but by a striking example of how even the most mundane product can be improved. We all are very familiar with the humble beach parasol. It’s made up of two parts: a pole with a sharpish […]

Where new thinking can unlock performance

Challenges always create new opportunities – from within the established operating model and from the development of new energy ventures, including wind, low-carbon transportation, solar, biomass and storage, and the scale-up and spin-off of new product and service innovations. These challenges and opportunities require more innovative thinking and delivery, new partnerships, and more agile decision […]